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Find Every Pocket of Opportunity with SoilOptix® Field Mapping 

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Make the Most Informed On-Farm Decisions

We now offer cutting-edge technology to provide the highest resolution soil maps available on the market. Take your variable rate applications to a new level and increase nutrient efficiency with SoilOptix. Addressing the true variation of your soil properties, SoilOptix also enables you to maximize profits. 

How it Works

SoilOptix uses a non-contact, pre-calibrated sensor. That sensor measures natural geographical properties emitted from the soil's decay. Traditional soil samples are taken at strategically placed locations. Samples are sent to a local lab for analysis and results are integrated into our final product. High-definition nutrient & texture maps are returned to you at a resolution of 335 data points per acre. 

Crop Tech Solutions



SoilOptix data makes our Predictive Manage Points (PMP's) even more valuable. We use this precise information along with your other field data to help you increase bottom-line potential and overall sustainability. From start to finish, we provide results that yield better returns on your farm. Ask your Crop Tech consultant about SoilOptix today.


Composite Soil Map.png

4 Data Points

19.9 ton N

2.5ac Grid

2.5 Acre Grid Map.png

64 Data Points

19.5 ton N



7,525 Data Points

18.9 ton N

Input Cost
Gross Savings
Input Cost Savings Soil Optix Charg.png
High-Definition Mapping
Available Layers
HiDef Maps Chart Soil Optix.png
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