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Predictive Management Points

Through intensive sampling, data collection and verification, we are able to predict with a greater than 95% accuracy what your crops will produce in any given area of your fields.  We build the plan based on your farming practices, your systems and your timelines to alleviate any major changes to the way you run your operation.  


Pre and Post

Season Analytics

Deep dive analytics into your farms data and information to uncover profitable opportunities and trends to assist you in management and marketing decisions.  Analysis based not only on your farm, but also on a local and regionalized basis to provide a benchmark for you to measure against.

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Financial analysis of inputs for ROI

Our specialty is using each farmer's data and our collective database to make suggestions for ways to significantly reduce input cost, increase production and increase Return on Investment.  We don’t expect you to change your products and suppliers, just use them more efficiently based on thorough and real world applied information.



Crop Tech's core beliefs are centered around putting farmers first.  This includes independent recommendations based on data that is driven by deep dive analytics that provide a minimum of 4 times the return on your investment.

Our overall mission is to provide independent recommendations for agricultural producers, based on their farm's data allowing for maximized return on the investment across each acre.  Our goal is to provide sustainable, reliable, and profitable solutions in today's technology driven world.


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Dollars Saved

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Increased Production

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